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The final report: Children, their World, their Education, published 16 October 2009

There has been considerable media interest in the Cambridge Primary Review final report. This page includes links to a small sample.

A much fuller list is available, classfied by location (regional, national, international) and medium (print, TV/radio, on-line): link to our spreadsheet of media coverage of the final report. (MS Excel)

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Interim reports and the CPR's launch

Cambridge Primary Review special report on the primary curriculum – February 2009
The Cambridge Primary Review generated heavy media interest for its report on the primary curriculum, and this page includes links to some of these articles.

February 20, 2009: BBC Radio 4 'Today' programme (listen again). 0713 - Primary school children are missing out on a broad and balanced education because of an excessive focus on numeracy and literacy, a report by the Cambridge Primary Review concludes. Director of the Review Professor Robin Alexander explains why the limited curriculum is proving so damaging.' (This link is no longer available)

February 20, 2009: Melody Moran, London head teacher, and Christina Coker OBE, Chief Executive of Youth Music, both members of the Cambridge Primary Review's Advisory Committee, were interviewed separately by BBC News 24.

February 20, 2009: programme (listen again). 'Primary curriculum "is distorted"'. (This link is no longer available)

February 20, 2009: Professor Robin Alexander in The Times Educational Supplement. 'What is primary education for?'

February 20, 2009: BBC Online. 'Primary education "too narrow"'.

February 20, 2009: The Economist. 'Competing visions: Academics and ministers differ on what is to be done'.

February 20, 2009: Polly Curtis, The Guardian. 'Where now after damning indictment of education?'

February 20, 2009: Polly Curtis, The Guardian. 'Tests blamed for blighting children's lives'.

February 20, 2009: The Independent, Leading article. 'Our primary schools are short-changing their pupils'.

February 20, 2009: Richard Garner, The Independent. 'Pupils have a right to a varied education'.

February 20, 2009: Richard Garner, The Independent. 'Schoolchildren's lives "are being impoverished"'.

February 20, 2009: Martin Beckford, The Telegraph. 'Generations of pupils let down by focus on tests'. "A generation of pupils has been left impoverished by a "fundamentally deficient" primary schools system that focuses only on tests and basic skills, according to the Cambridge Primary Review."

February 20, 2009: Nicola Woolcock, The Times. 'Schools "failing to fire the imagination"'.

February 20, 2009: Helen Ward, The Times Educational Supplement. 'Tomorrow's primaries: 2 reviews, 1 debate'.

February 20, 2009: Helen Ward, The Times Educational Supplement. 'Primary Review calls for radical curriculum change'.

February 20, 2009: The Straits Times. 'Tests "suffocating learning".

February 21, 2009: The Guardian, editorial. 'That's the way it is'.

February 21, 2009: Deborah Orr, The Independent. 'No excuses - only better schooling'.

February 22, 2009: Minette Marrin, The Times. 'I'll spell it out: if children can't read, lives are ruined'.

February 23, 2009: Libby Purves, The Times. 'Pupils will never learn unless we make it fun'. "Yes, children need literacy and numeracy, but they also need the space to socialise, run about, sing and engage with stories".

February 23, 2009: University of Cambridge, Cambridge Network. 'Long term vision outlined for primary curriculum'.

February 27, 2009: Helen Ward, The Times Educational Supplement. 'All domains are not equal'.

March 3, 2009: Shirley Williams, The Guardian. 'The winnowing out of happiness' - "Fomer education secretary Shirley Williams says intense control from central government is hurting schools."

March 4, 2009: Warwick Mansell, Education by Numbers: the tyranny of testing, blog: 'Time to move on, Conor'.

March 5, 2009: Gillian Pugh, Nursery World. 'Children deserve a broader curriculum' - "Primary school education has come under scrutiny from two major reviews - but why do they reach such different conclusions? Dame Gillian Pugh explains the Cambridge outlook". (click here to visit the Nursery World website)

March 20, 2009: Helen Ward, The Times Educational Supplement. 'National Strategies could face shake-up'.

March 23, 2009: June Factor, The Age ( 'The riches of learning' - "Politely but firmly, a major report on primary schooling recently released in the UK challenges some educational policies and practices politically favoured in England. And, as it happens, in Australia."

March 24, 2009: Zone (Music Education Zone magazine and website). 'Why Zone thinks the government response to the recently published Cambridge Primary Review just isn't good enough'.

April 7, 2009: Article by Robin Alexander following the publication of the House of Commons Select Committee for Children, Schools and Families' report on the primary curriculum.

Several unions and other national organisations also responded to the release:

RSA - 'Cambridge Primary Review puts DCSF on the defensive'
This can also be viewed temporarily on the RSA's website.

NAHT (National Association for Head Teachers) - 'NAHT welcomes the Cambridge Primary Review Interim Report [on the primary curriculum]'
This can also be viewed temporarily on the NAHT website, including a sound clip from Ian Foster of NAHT in support of the Review.

NUT (National Union of Teachers) - Christine Blower, Acting General Secretary of the NUT, comments on the Cambridge Primary Review. "It is a matter of real concern that that the Government is keeping [the Cambridge Primary Review] at arms length. [Its] proposals for the primary curriculum have depth, credibility and, above all, respond to the realities of the primary classroom..."